2018 goals… Rather late than never I say

I like to choose goals over resolutions- just because the word “goal” makes it so much easier to work towards achieving. 

In January I honestly had a few goals, but Only towards the end of the month I really wanted to share it with you all, I’ve noticed that the older I get and the more time I spend with my kids, the more I get to know myself and what I really want from life, I use to worry about petty little things, and it’s all changed so much for me, here are a few of my goals so far… 

Goals for 2018

1. Cut out the “bullshit” and by bullshit I mean anyone or anything that causes drama or unwanted negativity- family, friends, things…. anything! Life is way too short to have people pull you down because of their own sadness and pettiness, I’ve decided to cut out anyone or anything of my life that doesn’t serve me right – i allow no more negativity in my family’s life. 

2. Enjoy time by myself- gosh I use to feel so flippen bad when I feel like sneaking off for a run on the promenade, or gym or getting my hair done, but that’s it… everyone needs time by themselves, even if it is reading a page or two of you’re favorite book on the beach ( without kids asking for something or moaning ) I still feel horrible when I do something for myself, but I’m working on it!! We all deserve it.

3. Living in the moment- Ryan always complains about me being on my phone – but I’m a camera crazy momma and I love the fact that we live in a new-age world where we can document our kids life, but I have decided, there’s a time for everything and some things are meant to be kept for only us. 

4. Put my husband first, not the kids!! OMG I can hear the gasps…. “how could she say that” easy- I say! See before the kids we were ‘us’ we made these kids together out of pure love, and when kids come into the picture it is easy to lose each other, constantly putting the kids needs before you’re spouses, that’s where couples “lose it” sex life goes down the drain, you forget why you fell in Love , so I put my husband first – meaning ; we have our time together, weather it’s date night, a glass of wine whilst watching Big Bang theory or a quick trip somewhere, we do it!! Just to reconnect. Don’t get me wrong here, my kids are my world, but so is my husband.

5. Pursuing my love for interior decor; this is something I’ve been putting off for a very long time- due to raising my boys. My mom is a interior mogul and I’m pretty sure I’ve inherited it from her. I love making and creating beautiful spaces, so I’ve decided to put more energy into this and take it further. Hence my blog change ! Watch this space.

6. Teaching my boys kindness – this is probably the most important one in my list right now, rude people – there is nothing worse ! So to me, raising kind boys is a big “must” kindness to everyone and everything, animals, people – cleaners, waiters, CEO’s I don’t care who or what, kindness goes a long way! Takes me back to my first point on why I cut all negativity out my family’s life!!! 

So these are just some of my goals so far, and I’m sure I’ll make many more as the year goes on…. better late than never! 

Happy 2018!




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