3 steps to a easy summer glow in winter

Theres nothing more depressing than a pale white skin, studies show that people who gets more Vitamin D, are least likely to get depressed and are over all healthier.

Getting a a beautiful sun-kissed skin in winter is not easy, I’ve never been one for self-tan, I prefer the sun and sea. But I just couldn’t stand being so pale anymore. We are leaving back to our home in France in two weeks, so I decided to kick start my summer glow before we leave. I’ve done so much research as I don’t want to end up orange or yellow, I see this all the time!! I wanted something that’s natural looking and not too much, I just wanted a bit of a glow. image image image image image

I came across the Dove summer glow nourishing lotion, it’s more a lotion with a subtle gradual self-tanner, exactly what I needed. So here are my 3 easy steps to getting that beautiful glow in winter.


1. Get your legs smooth;

i started by shaving my legs ( I usually get waxed but with a 10month old busy boy, that is a luxury) so I shaved my legs.


2. Exfoliate;

I use the ‘Rain Africa’ coffee scrub, I just love this scrub so much. The caffeine is said to help with unwanted cellulite, and gives your skin a great boost. I mix it with some rose hip oil ( helps with scarring and marks) I exfoliate my whole body including my face ( gently around the eyes and mouth)

3. Dove summer glow;

what i love about it, it’s not self-tan!! I don’t now how to apply self tan and I’ve had some horrible experiences ha ha. With Dove lotion, you just use it like a regular moisturizer and apply it all over your body. Another thing I love- it smells great!!!! I absolutely can’t stand the smell of self tan!

I do not apply this on my face, I do however love the body shop honey bronze products. Easy to apply and give your skin that sun kissed look.

I usually apply my lotion in the morning after my morning shower, this allows the lotion to give you that glow during the day. My skin looks absolutely amazing, now I’m just waiting on summer to arrive.



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