6 Things no one tells you about your second pregnancy #mamahood

imageIt was easy back then, easy to be pregnant!! I’m writing this while my ‘crazy toddler’ is asleep ( the only sleep for the day) and I’m tired myself, he’s somewhere in between cutting his top and bottom molars, and the terrible twos, but I decide to blog, to tell all you mamas out there how it really is…

I remember my pregnancy with Aron, it was easy! I could sleep when I wanted to, I spent my days in bed (it was over winter) watching series on the laptop, eating and taking naps, this time it’s way different;

1. As I mentioned above, there is no time for napping when you feel like it, I have errands to run in the morning, no I don’t work, but this is like a 24/7 job, at this age they only sleep once a day…. Once!!!! So when he’s asleep, I just got home from being a ‘grown up’ – paying bills and sorting out car licenses, and then I have 40 min to shower, get dressed, prepare lunch…. And he’s up!! There is no NAPPING time!

2. You sometimes forget that you’re pregnant! I’m not even joking, I was visiting my family back in Cape town, jumping on trampolines, throwing Aron in the air as he screams – fly mama fly! You forget, and later you don’t know why the hell you are feeling so dam tired…well maybe it’s because your growing a human!!!

3. You forget about yourself even more. What I mean by this is, your toenails are not painted or it’s still old gelish you had done a few months ago all grown out and scratched off as you cannot find time to get a soak-off. You forget to shave!! ( I won’t go there) and it’s all just too dam tiring.

4. You don’t nearly enjoy your pregnancy as much as the first time. I’ve heard this one before and it’s true! You don’t have time to read your pregnancy app, with Aron I read every week- your baby is now the size of a mango!! Say what?! This time , you wake up and your tummy is the size of a ‘Big Mac meal’ and for a second you forget why, and then you remember, and you don’t feel so bad.

5. You forget what it felt like the first time, I get stomach cramps and I immediately google ‘ tummy cramps in second trimester’ oh there it is, stretching of the legimants! Now I remember! The big boobs, stretching, hips widening, pants tighter…. It’s all things you forget about.

6. Google really becomes your best friend!!!!if I can’t get a Drs appointment, dr Google is always around. (Not always the best to Google)

All this said, today was the first day I actually spoke to the baby, I use to do it with Aron all the time, so today whilst driving I took the time to connect with him, it felt good!! It’s not easy being pregnant and raising a toddler at the same time, but every time Aron talks to his brother and kisses my tummy ‘ mwaaaah baba’ is what he says when he kisses and pokes my tummy, and then giggles and runs away, my heart melts, it’s certainly not easy being a parent, but my God, am I happy I did it while im still young!!


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