A bundle of love…. my birth stories part 2

So I promised I would write again as soon as I’ve got a free hand- Ryan took Aron this morning for a ‘father son’ mission , so Ashley and I have the morning to ourselfs, it’s raining outside and we just cuddling in bed, he’s on the boob ( like always ) he’s going through a major growth spirt, he’s constantly  gulping down milk and outgrowing his onesies, I feel like a dairy cow.


Anyway, thinking back to Ashley’s birth, it wasn’t what I necessarily wanted my birth to be like, but all in all it was a very relaxed and calm experience. Natural – is exactly what it says, it all happens naturally, nothing is planned and you don’t know what to expect, so being  scheduled for a Ceserean was extremely different. So where I left off on my last post, we were at the hospital by 6:00, we checked in like you would check into a hotel, that’s literally what it felt like, everyone was so calm, I remember thinking, why the hell is everyone so calm but me?!? They took us to my room and got me hooked up on the blood pressure machine and the baby heart rate monitor, the nurses were so friendly and kept me so calm.

I got changed into the hospital gown and before I knew it I was wheeled through to the surgery ward, as they pushed me in I was so surprised by the amount of people they had to assist with the birth- we were about 7 people in there, they were making jokes and chatting and again seemed way too calm for me, am I the only one freaking out here?! The anesthetist came and explained how he would be doing the epidural- that was the easy part, after my whole lower body went numb, they lay me down and prepared me for surgery, a sudden gush of nausea came rushing over me- this is a very commen side effect while getting a cesearean explained the doctor, they immediately injected something into my drip for the nausea and within a min I felt better,but I seriously thought I was going to vomit all over all 7 of these people ha ha.

The assistant Dr and my gynecologist then prepared me for the ceaser, he asked me if I could feel him poking my stomach, which I replied yes to- as you can feel probbing and pulling , then he showed me the scalpel he was poking me with and a realized I can’t feel shit!!! This thing was so sharp it could cut through steel,why the hell would he show me what he’s about to cut me with ?! So he stated cutting, Ryan was watching the whole time, at one stage he looked at me with a very pale face and told me he’s going to sit down for a second, ha ha ha ! Now this man has seen me give natural birth, but he can’t stand to watch this?!? It must be hectic I thought to myself!

I couldn’t feel much, Dr was taking me through everything step by step, telling me what he’s doing and how he can see babies head, I then heard- foreceps QUICK!!!!!!! He told Ryan Ashley was a little stuck as the cord had wrapped around his neck so tightly and he couldn’t get him out, they ended up having to use the foreceps to get him out, I was so relieved we listened to him and ended up doing the ceaser as a natural could have ended up with baby getting stuck, going into distress and then having to do an emergency cesarean, which means him going to ICU and us having the same experience we did with Aron!

Anyway, back to the birth, he counted 1..2..3 and out comes this purple looking little alien screaming his head off!!! He was so beautiful, first thing I do is count fingers and toes – yay all 10 are there !!!! They immediately put him onto my chest which is what I asked for to make this experience as natural as possible,skin to skin contact is so important for mother and baby, this also helps excrete the hormones as a mother to start producing milk, so I had him latching ASAP. They had to take him to clean him up a bit but Ryan stayed with him, after I got stitched up they pushed me back to my room and brought Ashley to me, I cried my eyes out, I could hold my baby tight, he had no pipes or needles in him like Aron did, I just closed my eyes and prayed and thanked God for a happy healthy baby and delivery, that’s when I realized, no matter how you deliver your baby, as long as they are healthy and you are healthy and safe.

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The recovery;

only disadvantage of a ceserean, you need to stay laying down for one whole day, now for those of you who know me- I don’t like to sit still, so this was certainly the worst part for me. All i wanted was a shower and a walk around, I was surprised by how quickly I got feeling back in my legs, but that means the pain came with it! What I didn’t realize is that a ceserean is a major abdominal surgery, they cut through many layers of skin and muscle to get to baby, it’s not a quick little operation.

Day 2;

the nurses woke me at 5am, removed the catheter ( another part I hated) and made me stand up, okay- no pressure!!!! As they all watched me struggle I had to get up and show them I can walk myself to the shower, the pain was excruciating!!!! I felt like I was stabbed in my lower abdomen by something blunt- I couldn’t stand up straight so I looked like a 90 year old granny hunched over, I remember thinking to myself- this is it, I will never be the same again. I walked to the shower and forced myself in and showered as I knew this would make me feel better, I washed my hair and I felt like a million bucks. The more I moved around the easier it became and less pain I had, I remember walking up and down the passage , I was told by the physio to practice walking upright – a good posture will certainly help with easing the pain. Also I had baby latched on my boob non stop, this also help shrinking back the uterus to its natural size quicker, he basically slept on my boob that night- I should have known he’s going to be a hungry one this one.

Day 3;

I woke up, fed Ashley and immediately had another shower, I found I got up much easier and moved around more freely than the day before, I still had pain but I was taking every pain killer they gave me ( some advise I took from a friend of mine) and it made it easier for me to move around and then the healing process speeds up. Only problem I had was, I couldn’t really bend over to change his nappy, so I had the nurses do the dirty work , literally!! Ha ha after seeing my Dr, he was so happy with my healing he told me we could go home- I was so excited, all I wanted to do was take my baby home and go cuddle Aron, I missed him so much, I missed putting him to bed at night, hugging him, singing to him, I got se emotional when Aron walked in to come meet his brother, suddenly my baby looked so big, he wasn’t a baby anymore, he’s a big brother now, he immediately wanted to hold Ashley and hug him, I just knew they are going to be best friends!

we finally got home and I felt much better, I was not allowed to pick Aron up or anything heavy, or bend over, the healing process was long and I’m still recovering 6 weeks later, but it certainly isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Now I have two gorgeous healthy little beach groms who I can’t wait to see grow up together, I cant wait to see them learn,and grow together and I’m the proudest mommy in the world.

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All in all, I would recommend a natural birth to anyone and everyone, but if it depends on the life of your baby or yourself, a cesearean really isn’t as bad as I thought!

Now….. for raising them!!! Here we go!

As you can see, he's always on the boob!!

As you can see, he’s always on the boob!!

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