A day at home with my boys

We are real ‘sun seekers ‘ we go where the sun goes, so living on the beach is just the best. 

We did this little shoot while my husband was away- which really wasn’t well planned, but at least we got some great pics. We usually walk down to the beach every single morning when the boys wake up, before coffee, before breakfast… beach comes first, I swear, if we miss our ‘usual’ morning walk, my whole day feels off-balance. It’s such a great way to start you’re day, sun, sand and fresh ocean air, the boys had so much fun, they didn’t even notice that Tim was taking pictures of them. 

But this day turned out very stressful,  Ashley got so ill this weekend, he was fighting temperatures of 41• and we couldn’t break it, it was so emotionally and physically draining for me as Ryan wasn’t around to help me, I had both boys on my own and I ended up having a break down myself, Ashley was rushed to the dr this day right after this shoot, and we found out he had a nasty infection, and his little body was fighting so hard to get rid of it. Luckily no antibiotics!! My mom arrived that day and thankfully I had a extra set of hands to help with cooking and getting the boys to sleep at night. After a week of sleepless nights with Ashley, we finally managed to break his fever and he was on the mend.

Ryan arrived home that following weekend and I could finally breath…. it was a tough week with a sick baby and a needy toddler. But that’s when I realized, us moms are so much stronger than we think we are, we were gifted with some serious “super mom” powers to deal with what’s thrown at us, on a daily basis.  There are days where I feel like I want to just run away, there are happy days, sad days, terrible toddler tantrums, teething baby sleepless nights, it’s hard, motherhood is definitely not easy, but is it worth it?! Hell yes!! Would I do it again? Heck no!!!! Ha ha ha two is too many ( but I had to give Aron a sibling ) ha ha ha 

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My sick little boy


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