Aron Turns 3 and Ashley turns 1 ❤️

Oh where has time gone?! 

My babies turned 3 and 1, it feels like just yesterday Ryan and I found out we were pregnant with Aron, and now he’s 3!! And Ashley- how is it even possible? This past year has gone by so quickly, it feels like I’ve just lost time, with a lot of sleepless nights, we’ve had the most fulfilled year of our lives, our little family is now complete with these two little monkeys.

Anyway, so I’m here to write about their birthdays- for Aron’s first and second birthday we went crazy!! ( of course we did- first child) so I decided to tone it down a bit, I realized that I could make their parties as big as I possibly can, with gifts, and sweets and and and… but all they want is cake!! No really, Aron spent both birthdays playing on his own with the stones in the flower pot – so this year we kept it simple and intimate, and boy, was it the best thing I could have done. We invited only our close friends and family ( about 10 people all together) we had a braai, ate some cake, and had an absolute blast, it was honestly the best birthday party (if I mite say so myself) 

We didn’t have a combined birthday for the boys, as I thought it’s only fair for Ash to celebrate his first birthday by himself like his brother did- their birthdays are only a month apart so I mite start doing combined parties soon  😉 anyway, for Aron’s party we rented a jumpin castle to keep the kids busy, and it was awesome, they loved it. We obviously went to the beach too- because that’s what we do best! Ha ha 

Ryan and I also decided we are not buying gifts, and I’m glad we didn’t ( we still have unwrapped gifts) instead we took some money and put it aside for the boys in their account, The week after their party we flew to Jeffrey’s Bay to my parents- where the boys met their new little cousin, and obviously my mom decided to throw another little birthday party for the boys – cake, gifts, the works. It’s safe to say this has been the best birthday ever. 



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