Breakfast with Aron

Aron is completely off puréed food, I mean, he will eat it,but he certainly prefers finger foods. 

I love making him food, I have so much fun as I get to play around with ideas that I have, and it’s safe to say- he loves mimage imageamma’s food!

I try keep it as healthy as possiimage


I try keep it as healthy as possible, but I’m not one of those moms who will keep my child away from sugar or any food for that matter, I don’t believe in that. I am however I am going to teach him about healthy food and how our body needs good clean foods. I love making him smoothies, steamed veggies and sweet potato mash , these are some of his favorites. 

*Banana and date with plain yogurt smoothie

blend 2 Tbs of plain double cream Greek yogurt with half banana and 1 date.

* Nutella oats

boil some rolled oats in water/full cream milk until cooked, then add Tbs on Nutella and half banana.

* sweet potato and salmon

I usually make sweet potato mash and bake my salmon in the oven

* Mommies green monster smoothie






1tbs chia seeds


He loves a green smoothie!!

* scrambled eggy with avocado

scramble 2 eggs and add half a avocado

* avocado with banana and double cream yogurt

Much it all up together for a wholesome brekkie


* Chicken and green veggie Quina

cook quina and set aside. I grill some free range chicken strips and I steam some broccoli, peas and spinach. Add this to quina with a bit of whit cheese.




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