Fitness while pregnant, and after baby no 2 !

So we decided as our very first post together on the blog, we will write about something every single mom out there wants to know about…. How to keep fit and healthy during pregnancy without adding too many extra KG’s and how we got our pre- baby bodies back after having kids.

Being fit and keeping our bodies healthy, lean and strong has always been our job, in the modeling industry your body needs to be healthy and ready all year round, so it came quite naturally for us to want to get back into shape after babies, even tho it certainly wasn’t as easy as before!! One thing’s forsure, your body certainly changes after having kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get back into your bikini,it just means you need to learn how to work with your new curves.
For every mom getting her pre- baby body back will be a different challenge, we all have different figures, shapes, metabolism and stress levels- which plays a huge roll in a healthy body!

Now we are not fitness experts or health coaches, we are only sharing our tips on how we did it. I’m (Une) currently pregnant with my second boy and Juliana just had her second boy, so I’ll be sharing some of my tips on how I keep my weight healthy during pregnancy and what exercises I do,let me just say, having a extremely busy toddler to run after certainly helps keep the weight off. And a well balanced diet during pregnancy is a must. Here are some of our tips;

Une – currently 7 months pregnant with boy no2.


With my fist pregnancy I actually picked up more weight, I think it’s because I had more time to relax and sleep and eat ( a lot) now I’ve only picked up 6 kg’s and constantly running after my two year old. I try do something active everyday, even if it’s just for 30min, just to get the blood flowing and the feel good hormone going.

Aron has also been cutting his big molars – and I’m feeling a little sleep deprived, my pregnant body feels like I need more rest and I’m just not getting it, so it’s been really hard getting up and making myself go to gym, but I always feel much better after moving my body.

With this pregnancy I’ve also had bad morning sickness and was man-down for the fist 13 weeks- don’t wish morning sickness on any mom!!


I go to gym for either 30-40 min of cardio, I usually do a spinning class or go on the stepping machine for 20 min and then elliptical for 20 min, seriously it goes so quick and I always feel better after a little workout. Always listen to your body tho, don’t over push yourself and take it easy. It’s all just about getting your body to move during pregnancy.

Tuesday; I stay at home and do some exercises, some strength so I add some weighted squats 3 sets of 15 and some arm exercises 3 different sets of 15 and some core and stretching (yoga) I’ll add a great little routine I found on Pinterest for butt and arms, trust me it burns!!

Wednesday; back at gym for some more cardio- maybe a 30 min incline walk on treadmill.

Thursday; some weights again and some stretching.

Friday; today was a beautiful morning so Aron and I went for a promenade walk. Also Friday’s are grocery shopping days and preparing for weekend.

Also when Aron is on his swing, i do some
Squats while I swing him and some weights, he loves it and tells me to go faster… Certainly a push coming from him.

On the weekends we are usually on the beach, and I try walk as much as possible on weekends- so what’s the secret? Get off your ass and don’t be lazy! The days I feel tired I give my body a rest , I believe that’s the babies way of telling me to just chill and eat that darn chocolate I’ve been craving!

I certainly DO NOT follow any diet whilst pregnant, my diet includes everything!!! And I mean everything even ice cream and milkshakes when I feel like it. Never deprive your body, especially while pregnant, just be sure to stay active. I still have my coffee, and my occasional glass of wine, call me a bad mom but I haven’t cut those 2 out, and I never did with Aron either. Be sure to eat lots of small frequent meals and include all colours of the rainbow to your diet, that’s how I’ve always lived my life- balanced healthy meals and the occasional treat- a little more treats while pregnant.

I have always loved exercise and since having my first child was really hard to find time to go to the gym. With my first born it took me 6 months to get back to my pre pregnancy weight , i took very slow and went boxing and yoga as much as a could but wasn’t as much as i wished. When i felt pregnant with Noah i was finally in the shape i was happy with myself. Back to my normal weight and going to the gym at least 3 times a week doing weight exercise/ shape classes at Virgin Active gym. I think its a great start to fall pregnant on your normal weight so you dont keep extra kgs to lose after baby which will make even harder.

While pregnant with Noah i was super super sick until 19 weeks and up to the end i never felt great. I would literally vomit with any smell of healthy food. Moving homes, the heat of summer was killing me, I lived on toasted sandwich and chocolate future life. I gained 9kg in my whole pregnancy, while with Vincent i gained 16kg… Yes i had a lot of time to enjoy my first pregnancy hahahaha
When Noah was born having two kids under two, my toddler at home, pick of winter, no family around, Husband working none stop was all too overwhelming for me.i didnt think about myself for the first 10 weeks after birth, i felt like a robot running around trying to please all my boys. I was felling really down and not happy with myself. I though i could possible have post part depressing.. What? Me depressed? never… I know myself and i tried to be strong and do what i love… Exercise is absolutely the best remedy for me. when i was 11 weeks postpartum i started 2 times a week boxing for a hr. I have a helper at home and she managed just fine looking after both for that hr i was away.

After the second week i was feeling so great and didnt want to stop, I went and saw a Nutritionist to help me with a diet plan. I love food way too much, i have never ever diet in my life but i though having a guide line what is right and wrong would help me reach my goals, specially while breastfeeding i have to give the right nutricion to my baby. She was really great and gave me the right tips what to eat and the times. She told me to stop chocolate which i have not managed to go more than two days without hehehehe

now im trying to exercise at least 3 times a week or more if i can which never really happens:

Its always a big mess day in the house after the weekend without a helper so i try to go to the gym with my toddler and do at least 30/40min exercise.
10 minutes jogging and 10 minutes sprinting 30sec on 30sec off. This is great for weight lost.

Tuesday/ Thursday:
Boxing class for a hr . Before i became a mom i was obsessed with boxing and yoga and this is the first time im finally getting back to boxing. Now i need to find time for my calming yoga!

Wednesday :
Virgin active gym have really great classes and if i can make the 8:30am shape class Im very happy but otherwise i do my own weight training while my toddler at the V club ( he doesnt really like to not always is possible).

Friday is my day running around getting groceries/cooking for the weekend and week ahead so i havent trained yet .

After 5pm i have no helper and Husband never home before 6:30pm … So a juggle around with both kids to bath feed and bed time, by the time i go to bed i have about 20.000 steps on my fit bit!!!… YES that is possible to put two under two to bed, i guest that will be our next post:)

I forgot to mention that I’m still not back to my normal weight, I’m 3kgs over but not worried about it but just happy to being healthy again and don’t want to be too skinny ether

We are two moms raising boys, learning everyday and trying to get through this thing called motherhood. We blog about our travels, fitness, motherhood and everything beautiful and real!! follow us to read about our crazy adventures and how we keep sane! Une & Juliana