Home made Cold brewed coffee


I’m a coffee addict, I’m the first to admit, and being 6 months pregnant with a extremely busy toddler, I need the caffeine even more!! Relaxxxx I can hear all you moms having a little panty wabble “how can she drink so much coffee, she’s pregnant” I only have 1-2 cups a day, down from my usual 4!! 

I grew up in a home were coffee was brewing early every morning, both my parents are working parents, and let’s be honest, they had 3 kids to raise, no wonder the coffee was strong! We travel a lot, and love tasting coffee from all over the world, just the other night we had friends ask us where we had our favorite cup of coffee – it being in Peru ( they have the most incredible coffee) and in France of course. I’ve gotten into iced coffee lately, I just love the fact that it’s so refreshing and at the same time you get a kick from it too. I’ve learnt to make a delicious home brewed coffee for all your coffee lovers, hope you enjoy.

youll need a French press, any of your favorite crushed beans coffee- I love the all organic woolies coffee ( medium strength) and I add some Almond milk to mine, you can use any milk of your choice, a great option is also not using any sugar and using condensed milk as the milk with your coffee ( it’s addictive ! ) 

I add 2 tbs of coffee to my French press like I usually would to make normal coffee, and then hot water, cover it with foil and put it straight into your fridge – it’s best when brewed for up to 12 hours, so I leave mine over night for best results. Next morning, take out fridge and use the lid to press down the coffee on top – just like you would when making fresh coffee.

  • pour into glass with some ice cubes
  • add your sweet we of choice ( try condensed milk at least once ) 
  • And add your milk of choice ( only if you don’t use condensed milk) I use the Almond breeze almond milk.


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