How I beat the bloat

Let’s be honest, us girls all have those “fat days” where we feel bloated, like we are 4 months pregnant even when we know that’s not possible. This can be a real downer for us girls, it can be caused by many different factors, example; lack of sleep, unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, too much sodium etc. 

Here is what I do to beat the bloat;

  1. Cut the crap- Cut the sugars, dairy, salts in you’re diet, make sure to add as much as possible “clean foods” in you’re daily diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy fats ; nuts, avocados etc. 
  2. H2O and a lot of it! When I feel bloated I up my water intake. I also like to start my morning with warm water, half a lemon, cayenne pepper and ginger. You’re body needs water to flush away unwanted toxins. I keep a 1l bottle of water in my bag wherever I go, I love adding slices of orange, cucumber or strawberry to add some taste.
  3. Take a good probiotic – I’ve got my whole family on a probiotic, you’re gut is so easily irritated by foods we eat, alcohol or medication that we need to make sure we keep our guys healthy, by keeping you’re gut healthy you also keep your body healthy and won’t get sick as often. We use Ultraflora synergy from Metagenics. 
  4. Move you’re body- the last thing you feel like doing when you feel bloated is moving, but instead of sitting in your comfy pants , get up and get outside, weather it’s taking your dog for a walk, or just a little quick 30 min workout, you’re body will release the “feel good” hormone and you will work up a sweat. I like taking my boys on their bikes for a walk, I always feel better after.
  5. Sip on some mint tea- when I feel a bit bloated, I love making some green mint tea, it helps ease digestion and beat the bloated feeling.
  6. Take a epsom salt bath; this is the best trick I’ve learnt thus far- Epsom salt removes toxins from the body, so when I feel bloated I get in a warm bath and add two cups or purse epsom salt, soak for at least 30 min.
  7. Do a quick stretch- I like doing a little yoga sequence for digestion, I found it online while doing some yoga, it helps aid digestion and moving and stretching you’re body just feels great. I like to do this sequence;


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