How to get a workout with your toddler…

It’s not really hard to get a good work-out when you have a busy toddler like mine, I’m constantly running after him, picking him up & over things and onto things and I get told to jump on the trampoline with him, that’s extremely tiring let me tell you that, I’ve put together my 5 favourite ways to get a good and quick workout without leaving your toddler at home and hitting the gym…

1. Bicycle rides


Grab your bicycle and your toddler and just cruise! I love taking Aron on the bike,it keeps him super entertained checking it all out from his Thule seat in front of me, we chat the whole way and I teach him about all the different things we see along the way, even if you cruising slowly, he’s still enjoying it and you still burning off some calories.

2. Stroller running

img_8107Ryan got me the most incredible running stroller- the Thule stroller cruises over and onto anything, and is so easy to fold and unfold. This is a good way to get some cardio in weather you’re running of walking.

3. Matt workout / yoga 


Maybe it’s because I did so much yoga with Aron while pregnant-but he absolutely loves it when I bring out the yoga Matt and tell him it’s yoga time!! Incorporate some moves with him/her in it, add light weights for yourself or just use your toddler to create some fun moves. Push ups, crunches,lunges, squats and downward dog stretches are great for tonight and strengthens the whole body.

4. Dance like no one is watching… 

because really- no one is!! If you haven’t had time for a workout and your toddler needs to burn off some extra energy before bed time/ nap time, turn up the music and dance! It’s great way for them to learn to move their bodies and just be silly with mommy.

5. Jump for joy…

If its rainy outside- which means you are stuck inside with your busy toddler- try the trampoline park. It’s such a great fo of exercise for you and your little one, and keeps them active and busy for hours! 



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