How to turn negativity into positivity

We all get those days where we feel low, it’s only human! I get it every now and then, not always but especially if I’ve had a rough week of no sleep with baby, or stress or whatever, everyone has their off days.

It’s easy to fall in that trap and hard to get out, I know for me- once I’m in, I have to struggle to shake the blues. I’ve worked on ways to shake it off before I fall in too deep, this is how I turn negative situations into positive.

Play music. This honestly helps me, I put on some loud music in my car while driving, something uplifting- just not Celine deon please!! And just sing along. I actually made a playlist with all my favorite ‘fee-good’ songs, and it’s always on in my car. 

Step away from social media. It’s mostly allayed anyway- that perfect holiday pictures, the perfect figure of some super model, someone else’s happiness will not define yours. Once you let go of social media, you start living in the moment a bit more.

Work out. Chemically, the endorphins work wonders on ones mental health, and the feel- good hormones are released, leaving you feeling happy and healthy. Besides, breaking a sweat is also great for you’re abs ha ha. I always feel great after a good work out, even if it is just a walk with the dogs.

Spend time with the kids. Kids have a sense of reality, no digital media around, they live in the moment and they take nothing for granted, when I okay with my kids I feel so happy in their world.

Have a self care day. A warm bubble bath, painting you’re nails, or if you have the time ( no kids) ha ha boo yourself in for a relaxing massage, haircut or even having a nice meal just by yourself.

Vent. Talk to someone who cares, who listens to you and can help see the happy side of things in the situation.

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