How we keep the “spark “ in our relationship

How we keep the “spark “ sparkling 

You know when you just fall in love, it’s a brand new relationship, everything is just oh so dreamy…. spontaneous sex, beautiful date nights, blah blah blah… you know what I’m talking about. Then you start settling after a few months, you become more relaxed, then kids come along… and there you go! You’re mostly annoyed with each other due to lack of sleep, and mostly fighting about stupid shit… it’s real life, that’s how relationships work, it’s a never ending working progress, and you got to keep it alive. Here is how we try and keep our spark in the relationship.

  1. Communication; I think this is a big problem in today’s relationships, communication is what most relationships lack, I’m talking about communicating about you’re feelings, if you’re angry about something- talk about it, communication about the kids, life in general, to just talk to each other and share you’re daily thoughts- it’s a major issue if you can’t communicate. I think Ryan and I are pretty good with communication and somehow always have something to talk about. 
  2. Respect – R E S P E C T find out what it means to me….. na na na…. okay jokes aside, but respect is so important. I love Ryan, and I respect him, jut like he does me. 
  3. Make time for each other, weather it’s date night, a random weekend away without the kids, or even just putting he kids to sleep early and watching Big Bang theory ( our favorite) it’s just about having some QT together. 
  4. Don’t take it all too serious- let’s not kid, sometimes shit gets pretty serious with kids, but other than that, just laugh about it, if your kids aren’t sleeping, or you are both so tired, this too shall pass!! Laugh together, have fun together don’t just settle. 
  5. Say I love you! Always… we say it before we fall asleep, when he leaves for work in the morning, he will never leave without kissing me and telling me that he loves me- even if we’ve had a tough week/month with sick kids, and we are stressed and tired, we still say it! Somehow it just makes you feel like you’re not in this alone. 
  6. Take care of yourself, I love dressing up and putting on some lipstick, I love working out and keeping my body looking fit and healthy, I do it because I like to look good for my husband and myself, and visa versa. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you should let go. 
  7. Faith- faith in God, in love, in our relationship. We keep our faith strong and our dreams big. If you have faith and the same dreams for your family, it just works!!

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