Mom crush Monday

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but gosh! Who knew keeping two kids alive could be this hard?!

Anyway, we are so excited to share this mom crush Monday with you all, she’s a super mom, wife and is absolutely gorgeous, meet Rachel Kolisi.

We chatted to mega hot mama Rachel Kolisi – wife of springbok rugby player Siya Kolisi , about motherhood, how she keeps fit and how she balances motherhood and everyday life.

1. Tell us more about your family;

my husband and I have 3 kids. Liyema 14 is the sweetest most responsible boy, Liphelo 9(going on 16) drives me crazy at least twice a week, but is the most loving child, and Nicholas is 2 and well, I think that explains enough. The older two are my husbands half siblings, they have been living with us for 3 years this year, after my husband found them. He was separated from them for 7 years and found them again three years ago, they had been put in the system after their parents died. We’re a really close family. We believe in supporting each other in everything we do and we are big on goal setting and goal getting.

2. How do you keep fit?

I try training at least 4 times a week. I’ve recently started working again so obviously don’t always make it to a gym, turns out a 18 kg 2 year old is a great replacement weight bag for squats and lunges, Pelo and I have push up competitions on our kitchen floor, and Liyema and I do some sprint racing in the street.


3. Any advise for the moms out there on balancing motherhood and your relationship ?

I think the best advice I could give would be to prioritize your relationship as well. It’s so important to keep dating even after you’re married. Siya and I have date night once a week where we’ll set aside 2 hours a week just for him and I. Doesn’t always mean we go out. Sometimes we set up date night at home once kids are in bed.

4. Are you planning on having more kids?

Definitely! I told Siya the shop is closed after I’m 30, So he’s got 3 years. We would love to have another one of our own, and I’d still love to adopt a child. Love big families. Once we’ve done some financial planning we can see how big we can go.


5. What’s your favorite product for kids and why?

Trampoline. Literally can keep kids entertained for hours and adults can enjoy it as well, and a great source of exercise! And it’s outdoors.

  6. Favorite spots to take your toddler for a day out?

I love taking him to the prom in sea point for a walk and icecream, he’s obsessed with water and I’m obsessed with ice cream so it’s a win win.

7. How do you unwind from the everyday ‘mom life’ any place you like going or something you like doing?

I think my excercise/ training time away from home, is the best place I unwind. I have tea and read before bed every night as well which helps for sure!

8. Any family rituals? I’d say dinner time is our biggest ritual.

We enjoy getting everyone involved in the cooking, even Nic helps now. And then we have dinner together to talk about each others day. Otherwise church every Sunday, our church has a great youth program so all three kids love it!


9. Any advise for new moms out there?

Don’t read to much. And don’t listen to all the advise you get. We have to remember every single situation is unique and different. Remember you are the mom. No one in the world knows your baby like you do. That’s one thing I really cherish as a mom the intuition that comes with it is so powerful.

10. What’s your mommy motto?

“Just wing it” seriously from the day I found out I was pregnant up until this day 3 kids later ranging from 2-14  I live by that. Another is “show up” that’s all our kids really expect from us, just to be there and show up.


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