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Meet Leanne, a gorgeous mama based in Dubai, we chatted to her about life abroad with a baby and how she stays in top tip shape… 


Leanne, tell us more about you and your family;

We are a family of three living in Dubai for 7 years. Brett is a retailer in Dubai and I am a stay at home mamma to our almost 7 month old daughter Kiara. We are a easy going very chilled family.

What do you do to keep in such great shape?

I have always been a complete health freak and gym rat since I was a teenager, obviously I indulge in cakes and sweets every now and again , I am only human! Our house is generally a very healthy, carb free house. I also work out five times a week when the nanny is here to watch Kiara. My workouts are always very intense and mainly aimed at building muscle not losing fat.

What do you admire most about you’re husband being a father?

Brett is an unbelievable father and was hands on since day one as I had a c section , he actually taught me how to change a diaper! The thing I admire most about him is his ability to make Kiara laugh and smile no matter what mood she is in. He steps in the room and her eyes are only for her father ! Which is so not fair!!

What do you and you’re husband do for some quality time together?

We have honestly been slack in this department ! But most Saturdays the nanny will take Kiara and we either go to the beach or to the pool …yep even in 50 degree heat ! We are going to start having a date night every two weeks whether it be dinner or movies. 


What has motherhood taught you?

Having a baby has taught me endless things and made me a better person but the biggest thing motherhood has taught me is patience ! No matter what is going on in life and the world around me, no matter how frustrated or angry I may be at the time , my daughter needs me and feels my every emotion. There are those bad days where you feel you can loose it but then I look at her and she brings me back down to earth again .

Do you have any family rituals?

Mornings are our family time as Brett only leaves for work around 8:30. We all lye in bed together every morning playing . Its by far my favourite time of the day.

Is it hard living in a foreign country with no family close, and do you have any help there?

Dubai is our home now and has been for a long time. We are lucky enough to have many friends and Brett’s family living here. Brett’s mom is very much in Kiara’s life. We also have a nanny that comes five times a week to clean and watch Kiara if I need to train or go to the salon. 

Will you be adding another little member to you’re family in the future?

If this were up to me I would be pregnant now ! We are planning to try for a second baby middle of next year. Hopefully a boy then we are done! 

What advise will you give to new moms out there?

Relax ! I honestly believe I have a chilled out baby because I am a very relaxed and laid back mother. Take each day as they come as babies change daily ! And the golden rule for new moms , do not compare your babies to others , they are all completely different.

What is you’re favorite baby product and why?

Not necessarily a product but a brand, Bonds zip suits from Australia. They are so handy not only for the zips but they have built in socks and covers for their little hands. Kiara wears these to sleep everyday. They have the most funky prints!

Favorite mommy product and why?

The Baby Bjorn carrier ! This is a life saver for grocery shopping with the baby or travelling !

What is the one thing you’d like to teach you’re daughter one day?

Gosh.. there is so much! An unbreakable confidence in herself !

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