Mom crush Monday…

Meet Mega hot mama Kyla, we are crushing hard on this mommy!! not only is she a super model, but she’s also a super mommy to her gorgeous son. We chatted to Kyla a bit more on being a new mommy.


1.Kyla, tell us more about you’re family;

My little family includes myself, Kyla, my husband Campbell and our 3 month old son Cooper. Campbell and I have been together for almost 11 years and we got married exactly 1 year ago. We have live in Durban now after a few years of traveling and working overseas. Campbell is working for his family Company as a financial administrator. I am working from home now doing the accounting for parents business and hoping to do a bit of modeling in between so that I can mainly stay at home with the baby:)

How has becoming a mother changed you’re views on life?

Being a mother has changed my life in more ways than I could ever have imagined. The love I have for Cooper is overwhelming and the minute he looked into my eyes I knew nothing would ever be the same. I realized I didn’t ever want to leave him and trying to go back to work would be extremely hard. I’ve learned to use one hand or even my feet to get things done and also that finding time to wash my hair is a privilege!

You’re a model, so we all want to know how you stay in such great shape?

I’ve always tried to be balanced. We eat healthily but also have a cheat meals when we feel like it. I used to go the gym to do weight training and run a few times a week. I also loved going to yoga classes when I could. Since the baby I have been doing workouts at home with a few weights and walking as much as I can.

What do you and you’re hubby do for some quality time together?

: We both love good food so we can we will go for a date night at a nice restaurant. (Hasn’t happened often since Cooper was born) Otherwise we love to be boring, just staying home and watching series in bed together.

Any special family rituals?

Every Saturday morning we take our dogs and the baby and walk the Umhlanga promenade together.

What is you’re favorite baby product and why?
: My favorite baby product is the Cetaphil baby wash. Cooper had a bit of a rash on his face when he was about a month old. I started using the Cetaphil and it went away the next day.

Favorite mommy product and why?

. Favorite mommy product is the Clarins Huile Tonic body oil. I used it while I was pregnant and after to help with stretch marks. It really worked and smells amazing!

What is one lesson in life you want to teach you’re son?

: The lesson I would like to teach Cooper is that people are not always going to do for you what you would do for them. But that’s okay and you should still give all of yourself anyway.

Are you guys going to be adding another little member to you’re family soon?

We definitely want to have more kids. Two or three. But we are going to wait about 18 months before trying again.

What is the best advise you could give to any new mommy?

The best advice I could give any new mommy is to trust your instincts. Everyone has an opinion but you know your child the best. It can be very overwhelming at times, especially if you don’t have a lot of help, but it gets easier. There are good and bad days but the good days are amazing! I wrote all this with a baby sleeping on my chest because he will not be put down today!!

Favorite spot to hang out with you’re boy?

For now our favorite spot is Home. He loves being outside and seeing the garden. Cooper does not like the car one bit so getting out has been hard. But we will get the hang of it:)

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