Mom crush Monday….. Jenna Pietersen

I’ve known Jenna for a few years now, she’s a beautiful soul inside and out. A dedicated mother, lover of nature and did I mention she’s a super model too?! We are seriously crushing over this beautiful mama and her down to earth way of teaching her daughter about life and all its beauty.

Meet Jenna…



Tell us more about yourself;

Hi my name is Jenna Pietersen I am 29 years old.I grew up in Paarl and after school I travelled the world alone for 6 years for modeling and also studied journalism.I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter and live with my partner in Cape Town.If I’m not modeling or spending time with Ruby I’m working in our garden.My passion is growing our own food and making our yard self-sustainable.


You’ve travelled the world with your booming modeling career, has this changed since becoming a mom?

Yes ofcourse,I don’t want to be away from home anymore.My life is here in Cape Town now.I still travel abroad for direct bookings and actually enjoy it much more than before.I changed into such a home person.I was never able to own or look after a plant because I was always away.Now I just want to surround myself with life.I look after so many plants and animals at home and it brings me a lot of joy that I once craved.

Favourite product for babies and why?

I like O’ Lief and German brand Weleda.I prefer natural body products.

Best gift you received for Ruby and why?
I don’t know.I think it’s a question she should answer.

Do you have any family rituals?
Every big celebration we go to La Perla for lunch and December holidays we all stay together in Arniston,it’s always a lot of fun especially around Christmas with all the kids.

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What is the most important thing mamahood has taught you?

To live in the present and to be grateful for what I have.I’m also a lot more selfish with my time and I only surround myself with real people and what makes me truly happy.

What do you cherish most about being a mama?
Our morning cuddles and her smell,also holding her tiny hand wherever we go.

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What has surprised you most about Zander being a dad?

How we agree on everything with Ruby.

do you take Ruby to his (Zander) shows and what does she think of her dad being up on stage?
Yes when he plays an open air show around Cape Town and if it’s not too late.She’s super proud of him and she wants to stand right in front on my shoulders.

Any advice on balancing motherhood, work and keeping your relationship exciting?
Our relationship always feels fresh to me because we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like to.I’ll book a holiday in advance then it’s always something exciting to look forward to.With my work,when it’s season I’m super busy

What one thing do you want to teach your child?
To be kind to others.You never look or feel stronger bringing someone else down.I also want to teach her to look after herself and practice self-love,happiness is an inside job and if you cultivate love,you’ll see the world in that light.


Last but not least, the question all us moms want to know, seeing as your job is to look good 24/7 365 days a year, what did you do to get your pre-baby body back?

I was 25 when I had Ruby so I think that helped a lot,but I did exercise my butt off.I don’t think I’ll ever do it again but I wanted to get back in the modelling scene. I did explosive training with a personal trainer,I basically lived in the gym.I exercised every day.Light weights,lots of squats and lunges,the old fashioned way and I did power yoga. Now I do things differently.I cancelled my gym membership and I have a lot less anxiety.I realised it’s more important to be happy and feel good from the inside and the rest will follow.I now don’t train to look good but to feel good.I do pilates once a week and hot yoga 3 times a week.I walk my border collie everyday and walking home is a 40 min steep uphill,so that works the bum.I also garden intensely a few hours a day.I don’t have a gardener at the moment so I carry bags of compost to our backyard.I like my body much more now,less bulky and my mind’s at peace.

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