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We are so excited to share with you all our new blog section called “moms story” – once a week we will give any mom a chance to share their story with us and all our readers, any story on motherhood, life, or anything they’d like to share with other mamas.

Today is our first “Mom story” and we absolutely loved reading this, it gave me a sense of joy and appreciation when I read what Hanna sent us, thank you for sharing you’re beautiful and inspirational short story with us, here is her story;


My name is Hannah. I am a single mum in my mid 20’s and I am originally from Australia.
I finished business school and shortly thereafter I found out that I was pregnant. I was in a very toxic relationship. My ex-boyfriend gave me an ultimatum to either abort the baby or raise her on my own. Abortion was never once on my mind. We broke up and he signed over full custody.

The due date came and it felt like I was in labor for an eternity (Luckily she was delivered after 2 hours! ) I decided to go the natural route – without any epidural or medication of any sort! I cannot describe the pain. But it was all worth it when I had my little wrinkle-faced baby girl in my arms. When I saw my little girl , Mia , it was love at first sight.
As a single mum ( and always having heaps on my plate with my little bub ) I find it very hard to ever have ‘alone time’. She walks in when I’m in the loo and she refuses to have a bath if I don’t join her and do role play – I can now proudly say I’ve mastered the art of making a fool of myself.

Breastfeeding has been fairly easy for me. I know it’s not the case for all mums. I breastfed my little girl till about 13 months. Despite all the leakage thereafter I decided to let my breasts dry up naturally. 1-2 months after drying up my daughter had me breastfeed her again per request ( just couldn’t say no to her bright little eyes ). I then went on a journey to relactate. I started using the breast pump 8-10 times a day to stimulate my breasts. 

It was hard work , but after a while I can still feed my little girl. I understand that some mums don’t breastfeed their little ones until the age of two , but I decided that I will. Mums , it is possible to start feeding after drying up! Don’t lose hope!
When she wakes up. The smiles when I walk in. The way she holds her bears for kisses. The warmth of her little body. Her messy hair and creases on her cute little face. The way she obsessively wants ‘abo’ ( avo ) – I swear she said that before the highly anticipated ‘mama’. Even her cute morning breath makes me wonder how I ever lived without her. Her naughtiness is irrelevant in these moments. I appreciate her. I am lucky to be her mom. I sometimes find myself looking at her in awe. Appreciating her every being. Her happy blue sparkly eyes staring back at me – I can’t help but think “I made her”


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