My 5 minute morning make up for fresh face look.

I try blog about my kids but my inbox is full of moms wanting to know what beauty products I use, ha ha so I’ve decided to do a quick little post about what I use every morning.

Before I became I mom, I was working everyday and had my hair and make up done for me,  you’d think I’d learn some tips and tricks from the make up artists and hair stylists, but I’m just the worst when it comes to make up and hair. I’m a – wake up, rinse my face with cold water, pull my hair out my sleeping bun and go’ kinda girl! I’ve never been into applying layers of make up, firstly I think it’s very bad for you’re skin, and secondly , I just couldn’t care less- natural looks better to me.

anyway, since kids came I’ve had some serious “tired AF” mom eyes so I’ve started a little morning routine that works for me, since I don’t like the feeling of base on my face I prefer using BB cream, then I add my illuminating moisture balm as my skin tends to go super dry, then I curl my lashes, apply mascara, some brow gel, lip gloss and voila, bobs you’re uncle! 

  1. Bobbi brown – moisture balm ( apply before BB cream.
  2. M.A.C BB cream spf 35 ( I use medium) 
  3. benefits – ‘they’re real’ mascara ( this pumps you’re lashes)
  4. eye lash curler.
  5. benefits – brow gel ( shapes and darkens brows)
  6. Body shop- lip gloss

it takes me literally about 5 min to do my make up everyday, if we go out on date night I usually add some eyeliner only on the top eyelid, like I said I prefer the natural look, nothing worse than a girl with too much make up, embrace you’re natural flaws!

IMG_0572 IMG_0573


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