Our weekend in pictures

Happy Monday everyone! 

I can’t believe the weekend has come and gone, another one bites the dust ! 

We had such a awesome weekend, filled with great food, friends and so much fun. Here is a recap of our weekend in pictures.


After school, we came home and we had my mother in law come over. We walked just down the road to our local little pizza spot on the beach, the boys shared a pizza ( their favorite meal) and we watched the sun go down over the ocean. 


We start our every morning with a walk on the beach – still in our pajamas of course. The boys ran in and out of the waves, we eventually had to bribe them with chocolate pancakes just so we could leave the beach, the water was so warm and it was just such a perfect start to our day.

We then took a drive to Ballito, I’ve been dying to try out The Digs kitchen at sugar rush for quite some time now- and boy am I glad we went! We had an absolute blast there. The boys went on a tractor ride ( I went too) ha ha we ate some ridiculously good food ( best coconut/chia granola bowl I’ve ever had) We ordered the banana bread with Nutella, and the toasted soldiers with boiled egg – the boys shared! The coffee was so good and the service was great. I give them a full 5 stars!! 

Aron then noticed the jump park while he was playing, and we took the boys for a little “final sugar rush release” jump. I laughed so much at Ashley, he literally didn’t stop jumping for one second, he was in his own little world, Aron was sweating so much- he’s a super star on trampolines, we’ve got one at home and it’s his favorite thing to do after school everyday- he just jumps for hours, gets off to eat lunch and then hops back on. 

Eventually we had to leave as our time was up for the jump, both boys passed out in the car on the way home. Winner !!! 

We got home, had left overs for dinner and the kids fell asleep so early- best day ever!! 



We all slept in a little ( 6:30) ha ha for those of you without kids- that’s considered a great sleep in ha ha ha. 

We took the dogs to the beach- it was over cast but the sun kept peeping through the clouds, Aron then said- look mommy, the sun is coming out, we can swim now!! Ha ha ha these boys will make up any excuse just to get naked and into the water. 

We got dressed after beach and went back to ballito to meet some friends for breakfast at La piazza- I took no pictures here, the boys had such a jol running around and playing with their friends, we didn’t get a chance to take any pics. We then made our way to Sage cafe so the kids could play some more- they begged us to not go home yet! So off to sage we went, the boys played for another few hours and we finally got them into the car and on the road Home – again they had a little cat nap!! 

We got home, built some LEGO, and planted our grass heads ( found them at Sage from that little shop called Pure) the boys are literally sitting staring at them and asks me every few minutes when the grass will start growing – took a few times of explaining that it will only start growing in a few days time, they weren’t happy about that ha ha, but still they sat and watched. 

I then made the boys pasta and olives ( Aron’s favorite) and then I got them in the bath as it started getting a bit cold outside and they were wet from planting their little grass head men. We cuddled up on the couch – just us three! And watched The Croods, if you haven’t watched his movie, I highly recommend it, both my boys laughed throughout the movie.

Last week for the boys party organizing – next weekend we are having a combined birthday party for them , very small and intimate party. And this coming Saturday morning, the boys and I are off see my family, so guess I will be doing that plane trip gaaaash! so this week I’ll be running around like a headless chicken organizing this party before we leave, we only get back home a day before the party so it’s going to be crazy! Wish me luck! 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend


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