Soon to be ‘Big brother’

I remember the day my whole world changed, life became beautiful, tiring and so worth it, and that was the day I met my son. I can still remember the first time he opened his eyes to look at me as the doctor put him on my chest, how I immediately fell in love, love that you cannot explain to anyone els, love you never knew you could have for anyone, those moments – I can still feel them, and now I will be doing it all over again, as my baby boy watches from the side, how will I do it?

Something that’s been on my mind lately is how Aron will react when the new baby arrives. While I’m extremely excited to introduce his brother to him, I’m so scared of what and how he will feel, how do I not let him feel excluded, like he’s being replaced by someone new, someone smaller, I don’t want him to fee left out.

Everyone tells me how it will all fall into place and he will understand, but I also do realize that my little boy- my little baby is only 2 years old, he still needs his mommy, and I still need my little boy. I don’t want him to grow up too quickly, at least that’s what everyone tells me will happen when the new baby arrives -‘ you will see how quickly he grows up’ is what I keep hearing from everyone, but do I want that? Do I want him to not need me as much anymore? Will I still get my usual snuggles with him in the morning, when will I get to be with just him again, just the two of us? It quickly brings me to tears as I think about how another little human will come into our family of three, we will no longer be just three, but four!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly excited and for Aron having a little brother is the best gift I could ever give him, I can’t wait to see them growing up together. My two little surfer boys.

As time passes, and our due date gets closer and closer, I realize that I need to appreciate every single minute with Aron, those hugs I get ( not often enough) the salty sandy kisses when we sit on the beach, even his cries. Soon we will have to get use to having the new baby around, new ways of doing things, but our lives will be filled with even more love, more salty kisses and more firsts…. To be continued…

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