sunrise with Aron

tmp_30619-20150529_065638463146644tmp_30619-20150529_065242-244349096We live on the beach, which is such a blessing!

We wake up with the waves crashing right on our doorstep. The last couple of week’s A has not been sleeping well ( teething is not easy ) Aron is busy cutting his 9th tooth, it’s been tough. On the bright side tho, we get to see the sunrise every morning. It’s winter time now, even tho we don’t really have winter in Durban, the temperature definitely has dropped a bit, especially early mornings when we do our walks. This morning we had to put A in his booties his Granny Louise made him ( hand made booties ) and his gown. It’s like he doesn’t feel the cold, he just loves being outside, come rain or shine.

Anyway, getting up this morning I was so tired from another ‘teething sleep’, but somehow seeing the sunrise with my boys made my day all better!





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