Things I’ve said to my toddler today…

Oh the things we say to our kids… here are just some of mine today;

1. No you can’t put you’re brother in the tumble dryer.

2. Please pee in the plants and not just where you stand.


4. Please stop peeing on you’re brother!

5. Put you’re pants back on please!?

6. I’ve asked you nicely to please put you’re pants back on.

7. No you’re brother is not a toilet! 

8. Why did you take you’re pants off again?

9. NO… you can’t ride April like a horsey! ( April is our dog) 

10. Please don’t share you’re sandwich with April!

11. No you have to wear pants to the shop!

12. If you don’t eat you’re veggies Santa won’t come visit this year?! 

13. Santa just called, he says he’s coming because you are you’re Veg… yaaaay!!! 

14. Okay now Santa is not coming because you peed on you’re brother again… 

15. I love you my boy!!!!! 

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