Traveling like a gypsey…

Me and my boys have been traveling for the passed two and half months, my husband been traveling a lot for work,so I decided to go over to Cape Town where his family is, instead of being in Johannesburg where we don’t have any family members. As not many know, we moved to Johannesburg almost two years ago, I have lived in Cape Town for 6 years on and off and it will always be my favourite place in the world. I love being in nature and my favourite outing is BEACH, but going to the beach with two small kids :0 !!!!! It’s a whole different game.


When we flew to Cape Town end of November, I tried to pack as easy and little as possible. I have lived in a lot of places and travelled the world, but one thing I never learned is to travel light hahaha I really try my best but I’m always concerned if if if if…

But the key to travel easy with kids is to be as organized as possible, packing one suitcase for myself, one divided for both kids and a bag with all the extras for them. Plus a double pram and sling.

IMG_0439 IMG_0446

I packed my suitcase with summer clothes, gymwear (Which I think was the only thing I used besides bikinis), jeans, jerseys, shorts, sandals, dresses and a few outfits incase we decided to go out; My toiletries and few accessories.

Another suitcase for the boys, I tried to divide one side for each, which worked really well and put a lot of summer outfits and few warm incase the weather changed. Half of one side was medications; I’m so paranoid that I took a bit of all and even a nebulizer. Which thank God we never used-
Some baby toiletry and shoes for Vincent.

I’m still breastfeeding Noah and was so so so easy to travel without packing so much bottles, formula, sterilizer and the whole thing. But I took few bottles incase we needed to go out and leave him at home which we did do a lot!!! When our holiday started he didn’t take the bottle at all, two months later he is finally taking the bottle but not properly.

When Janez arrived in Cape Town to finally have a holiday we tried to do as much as possible with the kids and enjoy ourselves. It was so much fun going out with all of them but sometimes very exhausting, so we found someone to come for few hours in the morning to stay with Noah and we could take only Vincent with us hahahaha somehow toddlers are easier than babies, they can do their on things and run around wherever we go.
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We went to restaurants, beach, gym, in-laws house and few nights out for dinner… Don’t think I managed to go passed 11pm, not sure if because my eyes were already closing at 9pm or my breast were exploding hahahaha

We went to the beach a few times with all the kids and had to park so so far because Cape Town was absolutely packed. You know one of those very cheap nylon bags?!? YES, they are the best!!!! We packed everything inside; Beach toys, towels, sunblock, and lots of snacks, water, beach bats and half of our apartment. That bag was always so heavy and felt like a dead body inside! Daddy would carry that down the many stairs to get to Clifton beach and sometimes carry Vincent up his neck, me with Noah in the sling and Matisse with his backpack with surfing stuff and body board in his hands. Was so tiring but lucky we all young full of energy:D It is all worth it there effort to get to the beach!


Coming back home to Johannesburg today wasn’t so easy without daddy around, lucky I had my nanny helping out and the extra hands were necessary. Somehow the way back we had a lot more things then going, maybe all the xmas gifts added up ahahaha

Was a great time away but nothing like being home, traveling is great and I enjoyed it a lot, but if my husband was home I would never have stayed that long. Traveling with kids for too long is exhausting for us and for them. I’m sure the kids also started missing their home and their comfort zones.

The highlight of our holiday was Vincent being potty-trained and stopped using his dummy!!!!! I cant actually believe it and im so so proud… Next post will be all about how we did it and how easy it was- no forcing anything, yes it can be done!


Daddy is only coming home in 10 days and will be back to a grown up Vincent and Noah with almost 4 tooth, he left Noah had none.

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Juliana Vasconcelos x

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