Two weeks of being a mom of two…and going strong!


So I survived the first two weeks of being a mom of two…. has it been easy? No… and yes! It’s strange how when life changes, a mothers body and mind adapts so well, I’m tired as shit- once again this baby came with no instruction manual?! Luckily I remember a few things from my first time, but certainly not how long it takes at night to breastfeed and burp and change nappies…. 40 min later I finally get back to bed and then BAM! He’s up again, it’s tiring, draining, exhausting but I try remind myself that this stage doesn’t last long.

Aron has been the most incredible big brother, he’s wearing his big boy pants well and loves his baby brother so much, sometimes too much – he likes to hug his head very tight!! ( too tight ) I try involve him in every single thing I do with Ashley,and I think that certainly has helped a lot. And as for the question I asked myself a million times- how could I love another baby as much as I love Aron? Well ladies…. it is possible! I love this little boy so much, the love a mother has is something no one can understand until you’ve got kids of your own.

As for the birth- it didn’t go as planned and I had to have a cesarean – which I’ll write about in my next post, it was scary but I’ve recovered so well and have a new respect for moms who’s had a C-section, it sounds easier than what it is. Anyway first two weeks done and dusted, sleepless nights, but beautiful memories seeing my two boys, I feel so fulfilled and blessed to be able to raise these boys.

To be continued….

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