What’s in my beach bag…The summer essentials ever mama needs.

Every morning when my alarm goes off ( with alarm I mean two boys on my bed telling me to get up) ha ha it seems a little lighter outside, to me that means summer… there’s nothing worse than getting up at 5am and it’s still dark outside, so waking up with the sun is certainly much easier.

As most of you know, we are a beach family, my hubby surfs, as soon the boys will be surfing too, and I love being on the beach all day with my boys- but that could result in burnt and dehydrated skin, and dry hair. So I’ve put together a little list of my summer Essentials for myself and my kids this summer, to protect our bodies but still gives us that healthy sun kissed skin.

  1. A good sunblock; did you know the best sunblock to use is Zinc? Read here to find out why you should be using Zinc and not just regular sunscreen ; http://www.doctoroz.com/article/your-sunscreen-might-be-poisoning-you

we love the Sunbum Zinc sunscreen, not only does it smell delicious, it comes in the cutest container, and the kids love it.


2. Hats – I struggle to get my boys to wear hats, Aron immediately pulls it off and runs away, but I’ll Keep trying, a hat not only looks pretty cool but keeps the sun out you’re eyes and off your face which keeps you’re face protected, my favorite beach hat is this straw hat from Zara;



3. Moroccan hair oil; I love this oil so much, it makes my hair smell so nice and it locks in moisture. I usually apply some after my shower- so after a long day on the beach I use a tiny drop and apply it mid length of my hair all the way to my tips, I roll it up in a bun for about half hour so it can really soak in.


4. Get glowing- I have dry skin, so I cannot go without moisturizer, I love the Body Shop coconut body butter- it’s thick and creamy and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and glory, and I smell like a coconut ( the best smell)


5. Moisturizer for the kids; coconut oil!!!!! The miricale oil… I love using it on my boys – head to toe!! Especially after a long day on the beach.


6. Body scrub; I love to make my own body scrub, it’s a great way to exfoliate you’re skin and get rid of all the dry skin and get it silky and smooth for the beach and that summer glow, here is my recipe for a DIY body scrub;

1 cup of coarse salt

1 cup coconut oil

half a lemon squeezed into mixture

2 drops of tea tree oil

and voila!! Scrub in the shower and rinse off, you can use this on you’re face too!

7. H20 !!!! Water water water, this is the best way to keep your body hydrated and you’re skin, I always have a bottle of water or two, or three on me, luckily both my boys love drinking water so no need to force. I also love coconut water, so whichever you prefer, just be sure to stay hydrated.


8. Don’t forget the lips… like I said, I suffer with a very dry sensitive skin so I need all the moisture I can get, for my lips I love using the lip scrub from Lush cosmetics followed by some Vaseline = lip smacking kisses ha ha


10. Lush cosmetics; my boys favorite and also one of my favorites- the lush bath bombs, they come in all shapes, colors, sizes and different uses. The boys love the robot bath bomb from lush, it’s infused with lavender oils which also helps in relaxing which makes it the ultimate bath must have before bedtime. I love the rose bath bomb, it’s great for after a full beach day for relaxing in the bath and smelling roses 🌹


11. A beach bag that can carry everything… and I mean everything!! We all know going to the beach with kids is like moving homes- so find a beach bag/basket that can fit all the junk…from bottles to buckets it all needs to go in there…

Roxy beach bag- available at Roxy surf R569.00

Roxy beach bag- available at Roxy surf R569.00


12. A towel for the family- I love these round towels available at Cotton on, and also these beautiful big beach towels from superbalist

IMG_0921 IMG_0923

https://superbalist.com/apartment/party-fun/pool-fun/bubblegum-stripes-beach-towel/123082?ref=search&rk=2&sd=c3A9U0xJU2VhcmNoUHJvdmlkZXImY2xxcyU1QnVpZCU1RD02MzU5Mjk5MDgmY2xxcyU1QnRzJTVEPWpzb24tZnVsbCZjbHFzJTVCdyU1RD1CZWFjaCt0b3dlbHMmY2xxcyU1Qm1ldGhvZCU1RD1hbmQmY2xxcyU1Qmlzb3J0JTVEPXNjb3IMG_6002 IMG_9428 IMG_1126 IMG_0275 IMG_0813




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