When pregnancy hits you hard!!

How am I feeling?! You really want to know?! I’m exhausted!!!!! 

I’m almost 8 months pregnant, I have a seriously busy toddler, and I’m trying to be the best mother I can be, it’s really hard I’m not going to lie. I’m not feeling sorry for myself or trying to get attention, I’m just really mentally and physically exhausted, drained, what other words are there to express tiredness ? I’m all those!

I feel like I need to spend every second with Aron, because soon I’ll be too busy with the baby, so I’m exhausted running after my crazy 2 year old all day, trying to be a ‘fun’ mom, I want my husband to come home to a nice cooked meal – my cooking sucks right now!! I either burn the food because I forget that I’m busy cooking ( porridge brain) or Aron is keeping me busy, or I just have no energy to really whip up a meal, this evening I had a complete break-down after my toddler woke up in a bad mood, I mean really? You’ve just woken up from a two hour nap, how can you be in a bad mood?! Testing my patience – pouring water all over my kitchen floor and just being a 2 year old really, I eventually had a little blow up after keeping my calm for a hour, then I felt bad for bein angry and having the baby feel my anger!! Urghh what is it with us moms putting so much pressure on ourselves to be so dam perfect?! 

I came to just lay on my bed and cry a bit, that’s fine right?! I’m pregnant, hormonal, and I miss my family so much, gosh even as im writing this, I’m actually laughing at myself- see being pregnant is not easy, it’s hard especially when you’ve got another busy toddler to take care of, I haven’t slept well in over a month, everyday getting dressed is a struggle ( some days I love my bump, other days all I want is to be skinny again) it’s all these up’s & downs, hot & cold, it’s mental! So being pregnant is flippen mental, it’s a mad-house on steroids when you throw a toddler in the mix, and tonight was my first time in this pregnancy I had a melt-down, this weak moment got to me, I cried, I felt sorry for myself and I wished I could just hug my mom!! It’s normal, so for all you pregnant moms out there in the same position as I am ( it’s baby no 2)  I know how you feel, you are not alone, I know how tired you are, I know how exhausting it is having to still give your last bit of energy to your toddler, I know how it feels to not have anything to wear, to think – how on earth am I going to cope with two kids?!? I know that feeling! 

Hubby is here playing with Aron, and I’m just getting some time to connect with the bump… To a better day tomorrow! 


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