Why every mom needs a Doona stroller

Why every mom needs a Doona stroller

Firstly, let me start by telling you guys that I’ve been through every single pram/stroller on the market- yep you heard me, because we travel a lot I needed something easy- and what I mean by easy ; comfortable, compact and easy to move around with us.

I bought prams, sold them again and was just never satisfied, luckily Aron never really used his pram much as a baby, he preferred to be in his sling whilst traveling, then when Ashley was born I had a beautiful stokke explory- yeah I know , every moms dream pram, the “Ferrari”of prams they call it, although it was super comfortable for him to sleep in, I love the fact that it has different height options, it was just too heavy and too big for traveling. And then one day, it was like it fell from heaven- I found the Doona!! Small, light, easy, compact and it comes in the most beautiful colours too ( I still opted for the grey) The Doona was designed for every ‘on the go’ mother, my favorite part is that it goes from a car-seat straight to a easy moveable stroller.

Cradles and supports newborn infants.
Specifically designed for newborn babies, the Doona Infant Insert provides young babies with the highest levels of safety and comfort. Developed alongside global engineering, safety and medical experts, the insert supports your baby’s posture, by mimicking a natural position, thus granting parents and babies the freedom to travel together.

I highly recommend any moms to-be or moms looking for a new stroller to give the Doona a go, I can honestly say it’s by far my top baby must have right now.

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